Complice High-Waisted Long Skirt

70,00 € Regular Price
30,00 €Sale Price
  • The year was... well, that's not important.  What's important is that I had just graduated from university and was a finalist for Vogue UK's Young Writer's award.  The event was celebrated by a luncheon where I wore this sensational skirt and a pistachio-coloured mock-turtleneck with cut-off sleeves by a young upstart named Martin Margiela.

  • It fits a size 36 or a size 38 with a properly flat stomach or a penchant for Spanx.  The high back slit makes this slim skirt easy to walk in and extra sexy.  Lightweight wool and cotton mix.  Made in Italy.  A true testament to the value of buying for quality and style versus fashion fripperies.


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